Goddess Eye View (vesica piscis)
Monumental Perspective
The Saint
Feminist Alchemy(Installation view)
Dodecagram floor painting & Bundle of cast branches
Obelisk on Fire,
Obelisk on Fire (DETAIL)
Untitled(Blue Diamond)
Untitled(Yellow Diamond)
Lapis and painted sycamore (throat chakra)
Ritual & offering tree stump (Orlando)
Rainbow Warriors Painting with Black Crystal.jpg
INSTALL VIEW of The Rainbow Warriors
Rainbow Control Room
View inside The Rainbow Control Room, Video Still: Scott Andrew
Amazonite Install_Commonwealth&Council.jpg
Disco Cockpit _(Install@CW).jpg
G.L.O.W. (Gone Living Out West)
View Thru G.L.O.W. (Gone Living Out West) and Domestic Disco Ball
WirDrei36 copy.jpg
SWFA Install 2.jpg
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