2010 M.F.A., UCSD. San Diego, CA.
2004 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture.
1990 B.F.A., Sculpture, Cooper Union. NY, NY.

2014 Commonwealth and Council, Los Angeles, CA : The Rainbow Control Room
2012 Commonwealth and Council ,Los Angeles, CA Exiting the deathstar
2010 Darin Klein and Friends, Artist in Residence. Los Angeles, CA.
2004 The Forest, Monya Rowe Gallery, New York, NY. 
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2001 New Sculptures, Stefan Stux Gallery, Project Room. New York, NY.
2000 In Sugarland , DeChiara-Stewart. New York, NY. 
1999 White Room, White Columns. New York, NY. 

2011 G.L.O.W.: Suzanne Wright/A.L. Steiner, Commonwealth and Council. Los Angeles, CA. 
2011 Vessel: Suzanne Wright/Tony Payne, ACP (Artist Curated Projects). Los Angeles, CA. 

2014 Whitney Housten Biennial, Brooklyn NY
2014 Drawing show, AIR Gallery , Pittsburgh, PA
2014 Rethink Environment, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA
2014 Another Cat show, 356 Mission, Los Angeles, CA
2013 Wir Drei (us three), Guggenheim Gallery, Orange, CA
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2012 Tilt Shift LA, Luis De Jesus/ Los Angeles, CA.
2012 Récits des Trois Perverses: Femmes Seulement, Jancar Gallery. Los Angeles, CA.
2011 Object-Orientation: Bodies and/as Things. Cerritos Gallery. Norwalk, CA. 
2011 Somatic SENSOR, Highways. Los Angeles, CA.
2009 San Diego NOW, Oceanside Museum of Art. Oceanside, CA.
2008 I-podism, TULCA Festival of Visual Arts. Galway, Ireland.
2008 Sexy Times, Morgan Lehman Gallery. NY, NY.
2008 Empire of This, Claire Oliver Gallery. NY, NY. Curated by Janet Phelps.
2007 New American Talent, Arthouse Texas. Austin, Texas. Curated by Anne Ellgood.
2007 Shared Women, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. Los Angeles, CA.
2007 Innocence Now, Artspace Witzenhausen. Amsterdam, Netherlands. 
2006 The Last Time They Met, Stephen Friedman Gallery. London, UK. Curated by Catherine Opie.
2006 All for One, One for All, Aeroplastics Contemporary. Brussels, Belgium.
2006 Circus of Books Photo Show, Circus of Books Gallery. Los Angeles, CA
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2005 Armpit of the Mole, Your New Favorite Drawings Compilation (Publication)
2005 The L Word, Showtime weekly series, main title theme (Featured drawings)
2004 I’ve Met Someone Else, Monya Rowe. NY, NY.
2004 Super Solon, Samson Projects. Boston, MA.
2003 Inaugural Exhibition, Monya Rowe. Brooklyn, NY.
2003 Into the Abyss: Art and Sex in the Landscape (Publication), edited by Adam Putnam.
2002 The Lunatics Take Over the Asylum, Works on Paper. Los Angeles, CA.
2002 Human Body Show, DUMBO Arts Center. Brooklyn, NY.
2002 Body Works, Islip Museum. Long Island, NY. Curated by Leslie Miller.
2001 Lets Talk About Sex (Catalogue). Kunst Haus Museum. Dresden Germany. Curated by Susanne Altmann.
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2001 Wattage and Friendship (Catalogue). Muller-DeChiara. Berlin, Germany. Curated by David Hunt. 
2000 City Lights (Catalogue). Colbert Windows Exhibition. Organized by Downtown Art Projects. NY, NY.
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1998 Empire State Auction, Matthew Marks and Paul Morris. NY, NY.
1998 High Art (Film) by Lisa Cholodenko, I Know Her Productions (Featured Drawings)

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UCLA, CA 2015 – Adjunct professor, Under graduate (spring) – Advanced Sculpture
UCLA, CA 2015 – Adjunct professor, Under graduate (spring) – Drawing
UCLA, CA 2015 – Adjunct professor, Under graduate (winter) – Beginning Sculpture

Chapman University, CA (Fall quarter)2014 - Adjunct professor, Under graduate (FALL semester) Painting and mark making: the fundamentals of painting ranging from color mixing, transparencies and opacities, gestural painting, representation, abstraction, and color theory. By introducing a variety of painting techniques in junction with slide presentations of working and historical artists the students will gain a solid understanding and studio capability of many styles of working. Demonstrations of painting techniques will be given in class that will help to break down the formal components of painting including; light, color, line, scale vs. size, brush weight, gesture, transparent vs. opaque, texture, ect. There will be group discussions and critiques based on paintings made in class and weekly assignments to work on at home.

Chapman University, CA (Fall quarter)2014 - Lab Lead Painting and Drawing department
Over see all aspects of the painting drawing department, including student workers, ordering and purchasing materials, demonstrations, provide suggestions to department Chair on how to better improve our inventory, materials and department expansion.

Spring 2014 - The Kraus visiting artist/professorship at Carnegie Mellon
Advanced Drawing : Hybrid Art Practice and the inventive mind (spring semester) interdisciplinary, hands-on studio courses with a wide spectrum of compelling topics, exploring contemporary cutting edge themes and concepts in the arts using drawing as a spring board to examine it’s intersection with other visual art forms. Hybridity could mean the blurring of traditional distinct boundaries between mediums. such as painting, sculpture, film, performance, architecture, and dance. It also can mean crossbreeding art making with other disciplines, such as natural and physical science, industry, technology, literature, popular culture, or philosophy. Hybrid art forms expand the possibilities for experimentation and innovation in contemporary art.
Drawing is the basis of most art forms, and has a direct connection with all modes of production. The objective of the course is to consider various ideas, materials, and art making processes used in contemporary visual arts through the use of painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and photography. Blurring boundaries, breaking rules, and creating hybrids occupies much artistic work today. However, making meaning in art—whatever tools, materials, or techniques are used—remains central to artistic practice. Redefining artwork through experimentation, focused exercises, and Technical expansion of various modes of artistic production, will expand their understanding of this hybrid studio practice.

UCLA, CA 2013 – Adjunct professor, Under graduate (Fall quarter) – Beginning Sculpture Foundation in material, technical guidance, demonstrations, in-depth discussions and the “Art” of critique, Introduction to concepts and forms of contemporary sculpture to become familiar with tools and material to enable students to visually manifest their distinct ideas. Individual meetings, curriculum, development, syllabus, guest artist’s, Power point lectures. The studio section consists of 16 to 20 students that meet twice a week (4 hours each section/

Chapman University, CA 2013 – Adjunct professor, Under graduate (FALL semester) Painting and mark making

Summer 2013 – The Cooper union summer program, teaching the pre-college 4-week drawing intensive: An introduction to the practice of drawing, with the emphasis on developing basic formal drawing skills, line and mark quality, volume, perception of plane and form, space and composition. Experimentation is an important component and students have the freedom to explore larger concepts. This class is developed to expand your visual and technical horizons so you will become familiar with many modes of drawing, while feeling comfortable to work in a variety of different mediums coupled with assignments that make the artist move past their individual comfort zones.

Chapman University, CA 2013-Adjunct professor, Undergraduate(Interterm) – Hybrid Art Practice: This is an interdisciplinary, hands-on studio courses with a wide spectrum of exciting topics exploring contemporary cutting edge themes and concepts in the arts. The objective of the course is to consider various ideas, materials, and art making processes used in contemporary visual arts through the use of painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and photography. Blurring boundaries, breaking rules, and creating hybrids occupies much artistic work today. However, making meaning in art—whatever tools, materials, or techniques are used—remains central to artistic practice. Redefining artwork through experimentation, focused exercises, and Technical expansion of various modes of artistic production, will expand their understanding of this hybrid studio practice.: By the end of the class students will have an in depth and new understanding of how different combinations of medium’s allow for a new visual expression and also help develop a students own complex visual language.

Chapman University, CA 2013 – Adjunct Professor(spring quarter)- Beginning drawing and planning : This course is an foundation course on drawing. The emphasis will be on developing basic formal drawing skills, line and mark quality, volume, perception of plane and form, space and composition. You will understand the theories of space construction, perspective, light and its physical effects on subject matter, design and composition. Students will Analyze the formal qualities of a work of art using the vocabulary developed during the semester and critique and discuss his or her own work and that of others in terms of technical proficiency, aesthetic qualities and cultural context.

UCLA, CA 2012 – Adjunct professor, Undergraduate (spring quarter) - Advanced Sculpture: Emphasis on Critique, “ruthless compassion” larger project development, individual studio work and grad school portfolio development. In-depth discussions and the “Art” of critique, Contemporary concepts explored through architecture, science, anger, comedy everyday life. Syllabus, curriculum development. Power point lectures and guest artists. Selected studies in sculpture, historical and contemporary: modeling, carving, casting, welding, and other media; forms in space, including installations and non-studio pieces, syllabus, curriculum development. Power point lectures and guest artists. The studio section consists of 16 - 18 students that meet twice a week (4 hours each section

UCLA, CA 2012 – Adjunct professor, Under graduate (winter quarter) – Beginning Sculpture

Chapman University, CA 2012 – Adjunct professor, Under graduate (spring semester) Painting and mark making

Chapman University, CA 2012– Adjunct professor, Under graduate (spring semester) Drawing and Planning

Chapman University, CA 2011– Adjunct professor, Under graduate (Fall semester) Painting and mark making

UCLA extension, CA 2011 – Adjunct professor, (Fall quarter) Advanced Painting
Designed to broaden the painter's vocabulary of techniques, materials, and expressive possibilities, this course presents a comprehensive investigation into the many technical possibilities of the medium while emphasizing the importance of personal expression and development of imagery. Painting techniques covered include blending, textural under painting, impasto, glazing, and working transparently. A variety of painting surfaces also are explored. Conceptual strategies and studio practices will be discussed and students are encouraged to develop a self-reflective relationship to their own practice. 

UCLA, CA, 2008- Adjunct professor, under graduate - beginning sculpture (winter & spring quarter) 

UCLA, CA, 2008– Adjunct professor, under graduate - Advanced sculpture

UCLA, CA, 2006 - Adjunct professor, graduate – (winter quarter) Individual meetings with 10 UCLA graduate students, Project development, seminars and Weekly group critique.

UCLA, CA, 2006 - Undergraduate – Advanced sculpture

Occidental College, 2005 CA, Beginning drawing - aspects of technique - guest artist (4 weeks)

UCLA, CA, 2005 -Adjunct professor, advanced sculpture under graduate(winter quarter) 

UCLA, CA,2005 - Adjunct professor, Undergraduate beginning sculpture

Columbia University, NY, Advanced Drawing (guest Artist)

Pelham Arts Center, NY, painting instructor (1 year) a studio course focusing on problems inherent in painting—transferring information and ideas onto a two-dimensional surface, color, composition, as well as manual and technical procedures. Concepts explored through the use of models, still life, and landscapes.

MLK High School, NY “Civil Rights and Race Relations”(adjunct) 

Iris House (AIDS Center for Women) NY, Video instructor (1 year)

Hetrick Martin/Harvey Milk School, NY, Video instructor voluntary (2 Years) 

2014 – Otherwild + Bullhorn Press print addition
2012 - Darin Klein: Box of Books, Vol. V
ART AND QUEER CULTURE (Themes and Movements Series), edited by Catherine Lord and Richard Meyer - Phaidon Press
Institute of Extraterrestrial Sexuality/Encyclopedia Destructica, “Strange Attractors” book project:
Darin Klein & Friends Present With Suzanne Wright: 21st Century Queer Artists Identify Themselves #4, zine project and thirdAnnual Queer Pile up exhibition at ForYourArt Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2011 - FEMINIST LANDSCAPES; Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory
Echo Park Studio Project - Second Annual Queer Pile up : Local queer artists were invited to bring work to the studio for a one-night exhibition. All mediums were welcomed, with wall space available on a first-come, first-served basis. 24 artists brought everything they needed for installing their drawings, paintings, photos, videos and sculptures.
W.T.F. :Women Together... Fantastic, With Math Bass + fierce pussy+ Dawn Kasper + Catherine Lord + Community gardens and other sustainable projects for artist’s

2015/2010/2008/2007: FUTURE 86; A laboratory for artists to present work outside of the market place, surrounded by nature, and housed within a former 1930’s Jewish summer hotel in the Catskills, Future 86 is both exhibition and experiment. Inspired by participation in other artist communities such as Skowhegan, Sundown Salon, High Desert Test Sites, and The Arcadia Summer Arts Program Future 86 aims to incorporate a wide range of contemporary practice: drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, interactive performance, film and video screenings, relational aesthetics, and spontaneous dialogue.

2011 & 2012– Director of the visual arts division A.C.E Academy of Creative Education at The Oakwood School - responsibilities: coordinating all aspects of the intensive summer arts program. Contacting, courting and confirming all teachers while working one on one developing their curriculum. Soliciting applications from potential students and parents and communicating with all who are enrolled in the program. ACE Art seeks to bring together a group of students who are committed to making art for a four-week session dedicated to exploring their creativity. Professional Los Angeles-based artists will mentor students, while they develop skills and ideas to deepen their relationship to art. Students will focus on two art media as well as experiment with other art forms to inform their process.

1991 – 2007 Artist assistant to Robert Gober
This includes but is not limited to: Fabrication, Research, Mold Making, and Human Hair-Implantation. Extensive uses of plastics, wood, bronze, welding, lead casting, beeswax, plaster, Aqua resin and painting. Art installation: Dia NYC, Aldritch Museum, MOCA, Los Angeles, Walker Arts Center, Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, JeauDePaum, Paris, Schaulager, Switzerland. 

2008 – 2010 Visiting Artist Lecture Coordinator, UCSD
Responsibilities: Grad student liaison, soliciting suggestions for visiting artists, working with the committee to select a range of artists. Contacting, courting and confirming visitors. Confirmation of travel and hotel. Scheduling studio visits and signups, publicity/emailing, hosting, all aspects of Technical set up for guest artist.

Organizations and Art Affiliations
Member of ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) a diverse group of people committed to ending the AIDS crisis. Work done with graphics, video outreach safe sex education and civil disobedience.
Member of DIVA TV (Dammed Interfering Video Activist) a collective of video makers who work in creating alternative stereotypes and forms of media information around the AIDS crisis, work on cable access, and outreach in the Gay and Lesbian Communities.
Member of Fierce Pussy (co-found fierce pussy) a group of queer woman creating direct-action art and performance that prioritized lesbian visibility altering the city streets with posters, stickers, and stencils.
Member of GANG, a collective of artists dealing with current issues of censorship, AIDS, sexism, racism; work includes video, performance, gallery installation, and wheat pasting

Lectures with collectives; GANG and ACT UP
1992 John Hopkins University; Media conference, lecture topic: Accessing
Your Own Power in the Media.
1990 Brooklyn Academy of Music, GANG collective performance: “Issues
Addressing the NEA: Jesse Helms and Censorship”
Hunter College, Guest Artist Series, GANG collective performance:
“Sexual Identity and Representation”
Harvard University, “Pleasure Politics Conference” GANG Collective
Performance, “Questioning Sexual Identity” 
Cooper Union, Diva TV (Damned Interfering Video Activists) Lecture: 
“Video Intervention in the Age of AIDS” 
Wesleyan University, Guest Artist: video intervention and new media