Power of persistence (Fire and lightning)
Power of Persistence (Fire and water)
America Strikes - Pyrite Inner Fire Series
Mueller Tunnel (Detail)
Monument on Fire (Washington)
Washington Monument on Fire (full fire)
Monument on Fire (Double Diamond)
Eight Shuttles
Missing Men
Colony of Saints
Holding Colony
"Holding colony" & “Amazonite” (INSTALL VIEW )
3rd street tunnel (Los Angeles)
Particle Accelerator
Longest Tunnel in the world
3rd Street Tunnel Los Angeles (Titanium white)
3rd Street Tunnel Los Angeles (rainbow)
Cockpit (#2 Mari)
Mount Wilson Observatory
Double Trouble
Double Trouble (DETAIL)
Dreaming of Double shuttle
Eyes on the Future
Deep Sea (oil field)
George Washington Bridge (Rainbow Highway DETAIL)
Hoover (#2)
Golden Transmission
Stop Proposition 8 (Mormon Church)
Transmission (green analogous)
Four Shuttles
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